Varieties in stair stringer:

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A stair stringer can act like the supporting deck or the bench that plays a vital role in supporting the actual case of your house stairs. The experts have to install the stair cases so delicately that it won’t affect the actual material of already manufactured stairs. Several types are available in the market regarding stair case development. In previous ages, houses were quite simple due to which stairs were also constructed in a simpler way but now modernization has changed the concept of design and arrangement and other aspects. The prefabricated steel stair stringers play a vital role in constructing new stair case or doing renovation in the previous ones. Block prefabricated steel stair stringers are one of the popular types of steel stair stringer in which the stringers have been placed in the middle of the stairs that provide them complete support. The demand for block prefabricated steel stair stringers has increased because the installation process is quite easier than the beam ones. Mono prefabricated steel stair stringers are also popular in which the handrails will installed on the single side of the stairs. These Mono prefabricated steel stair stringers are mostly used where the stairs are at the corner and have the wall on the other sides. 

These types of Mono prefabricated steel stair stringers are utilized in commercial buildings and homes. Using the stair stringers steel gives you support and durability. The stair stringers steel gives an aesthetic look and reduces costs that can be consumed on installing the handrails on both sides. In the Mono stair stringers steel, the handrails are attached to the wooden stairs that beautify the look of the house. Rather than Mono steel stair stringers, there is another type of steel stair stringers that is double. As from the name Double steel stair stringers, the stair stringers are placed on both sides of the stairs. In this type of steel stair stringers, the stairs are placed between two steel stair stringers so that they are considered one of the most secure stringers as they can bear the maximum weight due to the balanced distribution of the weight on both levels. These steel stair stringers can be exceeded with a maximum number of steps, so we can say that are highly in demand. The steel stair stringers can placed with any type of staircase to provide great support to them. In construction we normally notice some of the steel cases that are combined to form a structure, the structure is known as steel posts and beams. The main goal of the steel posts and beams is to provide complete support to the employees who are standing on them. The steel posts and beams are responsible for holding the maximum weight and are used during the construction.  Please visit for more info about the products.